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Beretta shooters

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Here is a stock set out of candy stripe myrtle wood cut in 2004. I made this stock and forend this week for Todd Crady, now it needs checkering and will post pictures after checkered. Let me know what you think, Ronnie

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Nice. Always had a thing for the Blondes.

Uhh, lets not mention that to my wife.
That looks like some good work; black iron and blonde wood always catches my eye.

Excellant as alwasy that's the case what ever you work with! puppy
Started with a like new 682X trap receiver and iron, a new set of 682E 32 inch O/U trap barrels I fitted to receiver and iron and added an adjustable Graco that I put a black finish on, then added a black buffalo grip cap to a candy stripe myrtle wood stocks. all parts where purchased from Trapshooters. com thanks Ronnie
Ronnie- That's the one you showed me last week with the satin finish. Beautiful.
Dan Maloy
OK my opinion;

Aone excellent workmanship will look better checkered;

I don't like it--only because it's yellow.

I'm a walnut kind of guy.


P.S. Blonds belong in the bedroom LOL
Chuck, it will be checkered and carved boarders, Though the lite color wood will set the all black gun off, I also like walnut of all kinds. thanks Ronnie

The craftsmanship is supurb from the pictures. I am also sure that it will be a great functional stock and once it's checkered will look even better. I'm just not crazy about the color that's all.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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