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Beretta bolt closers

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Which bolt closer would be best for my 11 year old to use? Looking at pics of them seems to me the angleport might work better than the briley?

Seems that especially in the cold today my son had a hard time with factory button.

Also where is best place to buy?(fastest shipping)

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Angle port...One piece and takes about 3 mins to install.
Whatever one you buy be sure to remember it if the gun starts to malfunction. Seems like more and more the last couple years these aftermarket buttons are causing problems. They can be fixed but just keep it in mind. I prefer the Angle Port lever.
I was looking at closers for my son's 391 parallel target and I narrowed it down to the Briley and AnglePort. I decided on the Briley only because we could get it in his school colors. However, the fellow from whom I bought the 391 threw in an AnglePort for $30 and I was quite happy with that.
I installed a Briley on my daughter's 3901, and it works very well. She really could not depress the standard button, and has no trouble at all with the Briley. Three tiny hands would be better than two clumsy ones during the install, but even with that it took less than 10-15 minutes first time. Bought mine from Midway USA, arrived in just a few days.
Been using Briley closers on all (5) of my Berettas since the early nineties. Not a single complaint. John
I used to use the Angle Port ones but I seemed to be constantly closing the action if I accidentally bumped the gun against my leg or touched it while in the gun sleeve. Too me, it was a little too sensitive and easy to close. I eventually put back in the factory buttons after taking some coils off the spring and stretching it to the original length. Seemed to work fine then.
I use a Cary Closer on my 391 .... link above^.
My two 14 year old girls love the Briley. Never had a problem.

Phil in Alaska
Called angleport. They no longer offer their closure.
Dumb question: Why do you need one?

Button too hard to press?
"Button too hard to press." was the reason I purchased mine ... along with the shell catcher / knock down unit. I have taught many youths to shoot with mine and it makes it very easy for them to control the bolt.
DeVault Industries makes a great one

Phil Berkowitz
Brownels still has AnglePort closers in stock, or did a week ago. best ever. the Briley would be my second choice but has too square a profile and snags on everything. yes, they are pretty but function is top of my list. Jack
thanks for the info just installed the angleport purchased from Brownells. Son tried it last night and works great. Now to get him shooting better.
Have had a Briley bolt closer for more than 5 years, never a problem. Makes it easy to close the bolt when you are shooting hundreds of shells. Makes it a bit easier on the fingers.

IMHO the Cary Closer is junk. By looks and function.
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