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Beretta A303 bolt closure

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My A303 bolt does not close with the force it used to.It does not eject at all..when I drop a shell and colse the bolt i sometimes have to help it close The gun is clean and the gas ports are clean.will the action spring cause thei issue
and if so how hard is it to replace.
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Simple answer; yes. Since you’re asking how difficult it is to replace, I’m guessing it’s never been replaced before. Very simple to do and while it’s out and being replaced, run a swab in the tube and clean the plunger as well. They will get grime build up over time. Good luck and good shooting, Rey

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Yes, the weak bolt closure is most likely caused by built up gunk in the recoil tube located in the buttstock.

replacing the recoil spring is not difficult and there are numerous u-toob videos to help walk you thru it.

if this is the first time removing the recoil tube nut, you will need to apply heat to loosen the loc-tite.
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