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Beretta A300 Outlander

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I have couple of 390's that have worked well for me. One ran great with my 7/8 oz reloads (12 Ga)right out of the box and the other one took replacing the spring in the gas system before it would eject reliably. I handled one of the new A300's at Gander Mountain yesterday and it felt good. The adjustable length of pull is very attractive for introducing/teaching smaller framed shooters.

My question is will it run like a 390--more specifically can it be "tuned" to work with light loads? Input appreciated.

Tim Smith
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My wife has been shooting the wood stocked model since early March. With a thousand shells fired (give or take) she has had zero malfunctions and has shot both Win Extra Lites and light 1 oz reloads.She has also put at least 100 7/8 oz 1200 fps loads through it all with no problem.
I am impressed.
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