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Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon Trap?

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What can anyone tell me about this gun? Can’t seem to find much info on them. Best I can tell it was produced in 2001. Picked one up today with a 34” top single, adjustable comb and adjustable buttplate setup. Finally got back into shooting this year after a long hiatus. What intrigued me the most is it seems like this setup is pretty much like the Beretta 682 trap I shot years ago before I stopped shooting.

Paid $1,400 which I don’t think is a stellar deal but probably not a rip off. Probably about going market value?
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I bought the same gun for my daughter a couple of months ago. Thats a good price, I paid a little more than that. 2 weeks after we got it, it started opening up when fired. Sent it to Phillips Gunsmithing and now it locks up tight as a brand new gun.

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I had one that I shot a fair amount years ago, it was the first shotgun I put a gracoil unit on. It has made the rounds thru several shooters at our local club and is still going strong.

I was at the club recently and looked at a table where a shooter had their gear and said...that shotgun looks familiar :)
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