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Up for sale is a Beretta 682 Gold X combo. I'm selling this for a friend that is getting out of shooting. This is NOT a matching number combo but everything interchanges well. This is a 32" x 30" top single combo set with everything including case. The O/U chokes are Briley extended in LM and F, Beretta Optima in F and IM. The top single is Briley flush mount M and F. The top single is ported and the O/U are not ported. The adjustable pad fits the stock. The adjustable combs are different sizes and are not original wood matching the stock. The stock has some dents and dings but the wood is nicely configured. Everything works well and the lever is to the right. LOP is 14-1/4 with the short pad and 14-3/4 with the adjustable pad. Measurements are taken with the adjustable trigger all the way back. $3600 firm buys all the above shipped to your FFL provided your state allows FFL to receive shipment from an individual. Certified funds.

Also there is a 28" O/U field barrel that fits this receiver. It is Beretta choked with CYL, IM and F; also Briley choked in 20 and IM. $700 firm buys this barrel shipped to you. It can be purchased with the combo or separately. Certified funds.

Any communication with me please by PM. Thank you.

Mark Russell aka Mr. Flinch

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