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Benelli Super Sport for hunting

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I was wanting a clay games gun that I could also hunt with and have fun. Does anyone do this with a Benelli super sport?

I shoot an old M1 super 90 Benelli and like it for hunting so I guess I have a bias toward Benelli but looking for ideas.

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I used my Benelli super sport for international competitions and then would always take It out in the field hunting. It worked fine.

If I could go back and do it all over again I would get a browning maxus. You should look into those! Awesome guns!

I like the look of the Cordoba supersport and after looking at both the Maxxus and SX3 I like the look of the new A5 hump back by Browning in a 3.5" chamber better and it still has the quick load and quick empty feature that Browning has. Not sure if it has the freeze magazine feature allowing easy swith from duck to goose load.

Any thoughts on the new A5's ?
Any of the Benelies will work as a natural crossover. If you want a SBE 2 great target gun and spare hunting gun. Supersport great guns wish i still had mine,be a greatcrossover gun also. An m2 with a 30 in barrel perfect also Im a Benelli guy to buy a couple and try them out you cant go wrong.. Beni
my supersport works fine for clays and pheasants. the only fault i have found with it so far is that my son likes it as much or more than i do. it cycles everything i have fed it except 7/8 reloads, can't complain about that though. 1 oz and up is not a problem. just wish the extra pads and combs weren't $100 each.
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