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A close friend, someone who was on the League squad which I sponsor, recently passed away. The family is interested in putting on a charity shoot in his name, to benefit Hospice, who were a great help on the last day. I've volunteered to put it together. (What have I gotten into??)

I've been to a number of charity shoots in our local area, and they're all run a little bit differently. There's a big formal annual one the runs 50 singles, 50 handicap, and 50 doubles, and has very nice prizes and a huge raffle and dinner. They've been doing it for at least fifteen years, and I doubt that I can get something that fancy together in half a year.

We also have turkey shoots around here, where eight shooters pay their money, shoot eight posts, and the winner gets a gift card or a meat prize. For charity shoots around here in that format, the entry cost is usually bumped up a dollar and the charity gets that. They do draw a lot of people, particularly if we get actual meat as prizes.

Meat shoots often have Custers and Annie Oakleys too, and those are a good draw. If we go the meat shoot route, we can easily roll some of those into the event.

I have several clubs available to choose from. The one where I'm personally best connected doesn't usually put these on, but I believe they need to start to keep the club solvent. There's another club suggested that has more experience with these, so I'll be talking to them too. That one is a little more local to my friend's family.

So, scheduling is an issue. We're all big hunters, so hunting season is out, which is August through early December this year. Thanksgiving time would be interesting, but that would step on the local clubs who hold their own turkey shoot fundraisers around that time. Winter League starts in January, and scheduling is tricky around ATA and other leagues. I'm involved in that, so at least I'll know which weekends are available, and those are at least on Sundays.

What I'm considering, and I'd like your input on, is proposing to hold it the Saturday of Superbowl Sunday. I know no leagues or ATA shoots are generally set that day. If it were held in your local area, would that be a day that you'd be interested in going to something like this?

Publicizing it shouldn't be a problem, I'm fairly well connected.

Also, I'd like to hold a raffle, which seems fairly straight forward, if a lot of effort to put together. It would draw people, at least. And I will have to feed people. Both of these clubs have kitchens that we can use, but I'm not going to be able to be out on the line running things AND cooking. We can go the easy burgers route, or maybe something a little nicer to draw people in, but again. First year. I don't want to make this harder than it needs to be. I do have some friends in catering, and I could get their input. One of them is also a shooter.

Have any of you put one of these together? How are things done in your areas? What am I forgetting (I'm sure I'm forgetting something.) Am I nuts for even considering doing this?
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