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Barrel Weight for a Kolar?

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I purchased a Kolar Skeet set. Fabulous gun. However, I needed to have the toe kicked out a bit more and had Mark DePrez (Rochester NY) put a Jones adjuster plate on it. Mark does wonderful work BTW.

The gun fits perfectly now, however, the added weight in the butt has thrown the balance out. I think I read on here about changing the chokes to the older heavier style, however, the folks at Kolar have told me that with my barrels (750 bore) that the chokes are all the same weight.

Kolar have told me that they can make me a "between the barrel" weight that would fit under the forestock for about $200.00. The money isn't the issue, but it would require me sending the barrels down and back. Complicating the matter is that I am from Canada and although it isn't a registration issue, it is a big hassle.

Do any of you fine folks have any suggestions (and not about giving up skeet, or changing my wardrobe, thank you very much. My brother Bill gives me enough of that).


Steve Malcolm