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Barrel scratch

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While cleaning my BT-99 yesterday, I noticed a scratch on the inside of the barrel. It appears to be about two inches long, and not very deep but has a small bead of balled metal at the end of it. I can barely see it through the Pro-ports with a magnifying glass. Is this something to worry about? If so, can it be honed out?
I use a stainless rod with a stainless wire tornado brush to clean after each use so the crud is not allowed to accumulate.
Cannot figure out how it got there unless some foreign material inside one of my reloads scratched it.

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It is not a good idea to use a steel cleaning rod or steel accessories to clean your barrel. The rod might be made of a harder metal than your barrel and can cause damage.

You could use a brake cylinder hone with a very fine grit stone insert to make the repair. That small bead of balled metal could be removed with a wooden dowel that has a piece of 320 grit wet and dry paper attached to it with two sided tape. HMB
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