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a COuPLE OF REMINDERS IF YOU buy or sell anything on this site. When you are contacting a seller and discuss that you want to buy something from them, make arrangements and tell the seller or buyer your real name. What happens is that you are using "sign-on names" and then the check or payment arrives and the other person does not know who you are. Maybe there is a note on the check but the seller might have more then one item listed and then the trouble starts. The seller tries to find who sent the money and only has your name on the check and the emails were with your sign on name. It creates a nightmare so think about what you are doing. No complaint only some ideas about being a good buyer or seller. motordoc
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Good suggestion - never thought about that. But the buyer and seller always have to exchange names and addresses at the conclusion of the sale so one knows to whom and where to send the funds and the other knows to whom and where to send the goods. At least that's what I always do.

Or am I missing something?

well yes they do that BUT how about if someone sends a PM and the seller responds and then the the buyer mails a check. It works fine if you only have ONE item for sale but if you have more then one thing IT CAN GET CONFUSING. Just posted an idea. motordoc
Good sugestion Joe & it was great doing bussiness with You Leo,

P.S. I bought some of your mec stuff
Good point.

Heck I am on another forum and met fellow forum members and to this day just call them by there forum name. A couple of them I dont even know there real names!!
Good suggestions!

Also, when buying or selling, I want the persons full name and address. It is also nice to have a complete phone number. I will not mail to a PO address.

As an occasional seller, I keep a log of who/when I receive an agreement to buy, when I receive payment, and I take a photo of the check/MO. I notify the buyer when I got his/her payment, and when/ how I shipped the item. I also take a photo of the item in the shipping package before I seal it. I have had a postal carrier service ship a package to the wrong part of the country. So, I ship by a method that provides me with a tracking number to know when it was delivered.

I try my best to make sure the other person knows as much as possible about the progress of the transaction. I have found this takes a lot of worry out of the process.

This may seem to be an over-kill, but when you have something of value or money exchanging hands from people that often don't know each other, it helps.

A good practice for the buyer is writing a brief note what the payment is for, or note made on the check/MO.

Hope this helps,

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Up. Great shoot bag. Brought me good luck Sunday. Shot like I used to. Fred
How about the novelty of using ones real name.

Jim Veta
I always have funds made out and sent to my real identity, but only use them in PM's.

This applies to 5 or 6 forums I do business on.

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