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ATA Rule Question page 37

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I have a question reguard ing Section X, State and Zone Shoots, <br>
par D ATA TROPHIES. sub Par 5 <br><br>
(c)Chair over all categories<br><br>
What is a Chair? as indicated above<br>

Full Paragraph below<br>
5. Options available to category shooters:<br>
(a) Take out right or shoot-off/carry-over for his/her category<br>
forfeiting any place, class or yardage group trophy.<br>
(b)Take outright or shoot-off/carry-over for place, class or yardage<br>
group trophy forfeiting any category trophy.<br>
If the shooter fails to make a declaration within the specified time, shoot<br>
management shall declare for the shooter and place the shooter as<br>
mandated by Paragraph D., 5., (a).<br>
If a shooter is placed in more than one category, shoot management<br>
shall place and declare if required:<br>
(a) Sub-junior or Junior over Lady<br>
(b)Lady over Veteran or Senior Veteran<br><br>
(c)Chair over all categories<br><br>
Once any declarations have been made either by a shooter or shoot<br>
management, the declaration is final and cannot be changed. There<br>
shall be no exception to this rule.<br>
When there are both Junior and Sub-Junior trophies, the Junior must<br>
take the Junior trophy, and the Sub-Junior must take the Sub-Junior<br>
trophy regardless of the high score between the two. Likewise, this<br>
rule also applies to Veterans and Senior Veterans.<br>
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If you search for the word chair in the 2009 ATA rule book you will find it mentioned 11 times.<br>
for Chairman of a committe 4 times on Pg22, p22, p67,p88<br><br>

A chair Shooter in Pg 62. <br><br>

WheelChair pg 32, pg32,p62<br><br>

chair on pg 32, p32<br><br>

I now agree that the chair reference refers to a Wheelchair shooter and a shooter who hauls a chair from post to post. BUT there is no word link in this years rule book the establish that connection. There should be a definition of what a "Chairshooter" is!
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