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ATA camping; is it a rip off?

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If you had a lease for camping at the WSRC for shoots; you will be getting your info from ATA, if you haven't already. This time around, the leases are higher, only good for the Grand; and you have less than a month to pay in full. You will now have to contact another organization to reserve camping for US Open and Fall Classic. You would think that at this time, in the present economy; the ATA would be considerate of the shooters they depend on for income; but instead they see the opportunity to fill their pockets and lighten yours. With gas prices going through the roof; cost of shells going up; and the ATA is charging more every year for shooting fees; this is no longer an amateur sport. I guess this is a good way to get the average shooter out of the sport. ATA you may find yourself with a payroll for employees and no income to pay them. Keep it up, but don't cry about the sport dying when you could have helped out the shooters instead of ripping them off.
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I normally stay of these type threads, but this time I cannot help myself.

Does the ATA need to quickly get information and contracts into people's hands? Absolutely! Is it all their fault? I don't think so as the IDNR and the ATA just agreed very recently that the ATA would take a piece of the responsibilities for Sparta camping. I am not sure of all the details, and I doubt everyone knows all the details also.

What I do know is that for every year I have had a campspot reserved and paid the IDNR has delivered on me using my spot for any of the days I have wanted it. I am not aware of anyone who has had a contracted spot that was not provided a campsot. Has anyone actually been denied use of a contracted campspot?

Once any contract expires, new terms are negotiated and agreed between the parties. If one party does not agree to the new terms, there is no contract. People knew the 5 and 10 year pricing structure and had ample time to read the contract terms before they made their selection of duration and signed.

I understand people being unhappy with less days use for new contracts, but I don't think that is ripping off people.

Flame away............
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