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ASE-90 Trigger Removal ?

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Don't remember how to remove the trigger group on my ASE-90 Skeet and my ASE-Gold Trap.

What I do remember is that it was a different process between the ASE-90 and the ASE-Gold,....just don't remember....getting old maybe :) would be much appreciated.

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On the ASE 90 just push the safety forward and it drops out- smoothest drop out made

Some dumbers couldnt figure it out and dropped them on the concrete and complained soooooooooooooooooo

On the gold and on all ASEs that have the safety select barrel selector you have to have the barrel on and the gun open about 45 degrees to get the trigger to drop out as you push the safety forward- It helps to have a third hand here

Regards from Iowa

The first '90 I ever saw dropped its trigger on a concrete pad when the action was closed. Not the best first impression.
I pushed the safety forward, but it doesn't go beyond safe and it doesn't pull/drop out.

Do the hammers need to be cocked, and does the lever need to be opened, or gun to be broken opened ???

I tried different combinations of things, but no luck ?

Do you have a gold or a sporting model of any of them- read my first post


I have the ASE-90 Skeet (can't figure it out).

I also have the ASE-Gold Trap. manage to figure that out with trial and error,...the Skeet ASE-90 still eludes me.

Does the skeet though have a selectable trigger? Where the safety acts as a selector?

If you have one of those that someone has hand jammed a selectable trigger in you might have to take off the buttstock and there is a kind of compressable metal plate that is used to operate the selector that might have been pushed down keeping it from coming out


None Select trigger.

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Any thoughts ???
Cesare, shot one seems like 40 years ago
If I recall

1. Slide the safety switch to its forward-most position (one click forward from "Fire")
2. Slide the top lever to the open position
3. Break the gun open slightly
4. Grab the trigger guard and pop the trigger group out
URIKA ;) trigger group is out.

Many thanks to Gerry for walking me through the process. It turns out I need to eat more spinach, needed a good push and the trigger group came right out.

Thanks Gerry
Not a problem. I'll have to show this to my wife, she thinks I never do anything right. Gerry, esetter
That was more specific instruction than I gave- sorry.

I have a DT10L it works like your ASE-90. Do what GN777777 said.
Push the safety up open the gun 45 degree and push the safety all at the same time wail you pull on the trigger gaurd.
Easy after the first few hunderd times.....
Fantastic object of craftsmenship,...almost don't want to put it back into the gun :)

I'm looking for a second "SKEET" trigger group in absolute MINT condition,...let me know what you got.

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