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St. Joseph County Conservation & Sportsman Club

23640 Featherstone Road, Sturgis MI

In memory of Bill Kasdorf, a Club member and trap shooter.

EVENT 1: 100 Handicap – 7 Trophies*

EVENT 2: 100 Singles – 9 Trophies *

EVENT 3: 100 Handicap – 7 Trophies*

*Both handicaps place Champion thru 3rd, plus the Special Categories. The Singles are Champion, High each class, plus the Special Categories. Overall HDC Champion (Events 1 & 3). [Special Categories are: Lady, Vet, Junior, SJ]

Breakfast & lunch available.

Registration & practice at 9:00 am. Shooting starts around 10:00 am.

Call 269-483-6803 for more shoot details and directions!

Leslie & Larry York


Last Year's High Handicap Winner - Doug Swift, with Bill's wife presenting trophy.

Bill's daughter Ann shooting in last year's shoot.

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The results are in for the 2nd Annual Bill Kasdorf Memorial Handicap ATA registered trap shoot held on April 17. The High Handicap winner is John Tarnowski, a club member who resides in Illinois. A total of 20 shooters from Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois braved the windy conditions, but at least the sun was out and it didn’t rain or snow! The 16-yard Singles event was won by Gideon Hebron with a score of 97 out of 100. The food was great thanks to the Mom’s of the Straight Shooters youth Trap team. They even had 4 different kinds of pie. Thanks Mom! Despite the wind everyone had a good time and we hope to see them back next year.

Full winners are:

Event 1 HDC

Champ: John Tarnowski 88

Runner Up: Larry York 85 in shoot off over Dave Harsanyi

Third: Dave Harsanyi 85 over Martin Blashfield

Junior: Gideon Hebron 76

Sub Junior: Matt Davis 81

Lady: Ann Kasdorf 76

Event 2: SNG

Champ: Gideon Hebron 97

Class A: Larry York 92

Class B: Dave Harsanyi 95

Class C: Matt Davis 88

Class D: John Tarnowski 92

Junior: David Jones 68

Sub Junior: Patrick Buffin 82

Lady: Hannah Buffin 70

Event 3: HDC

Champ: John Tarnowski 89

Runner Up: Dave Harsanyi 86

Third: Don Romine 85

Junior: Gideon Hebron 84

Sub Junior: Jackson Hebron 58

Lady: Ann Kasdorf 80

John Tarnowski with Ann Kasdorf (daughter of Bill) and
Allen Kasdorf (brother of Bill) presenting the High Handicap Trophy

Larry York and Dave Harsanyi after the Event 1 Shoot Off

Trophy table....

Bill's daughter Ann shooting this year. Well the sun was not out the whole time.
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