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Anything better

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I been using green dot for my handy cap loads. While I like the way it shoots I hate how dirty it is. My hands, my gun, everything is just black. I use clays for singles and love it but green dot is filthy to say the least. My question is, is there a cleaner powder than green dot that I can get 1250 ft. Out of with low pressures like GD.
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Clays is pretty good and essentioally uses the same bushings
Try useing universal clays.If you use a hotter primer,it burns pretty clean.I load it and with win or chedittes no problem. Low pressures to boot...
IMR-7625 might fit your needs, a little pricey but clean & soft. Ross Puls
PB, 7625, or my personal favorite - International Clays. Used in combination with the right components, it is clean, low pressure, and soft shooting.

I have only been using Clays family powders since Clays first came on the scene, and have refined my reloads to International Clays, Fig. 8 wad, 7 1/2 shot, Cheddite primers for singles and doubles, Remington primers for handicap loads, and 3 different bushings for the different events. I find that only changing the powder drop weight is the easiest for me to keep track of what I am loading, and reduces the requirement for cases of different components for different loads. It's the KISS system.
Are you shooting 1 ounce or 1-1/8? I think Green Dot is pretty clean compared to the stuff in the 70's. How many grains you dropping?

PB is really clean but $$$$$$

International Clays will fit your needs very well. Very clean and loads to low pressures like GD.
Winchester SuperHandicap. The same powder Winchester uses in their AA Handicap loads. Clean burning and meters well.
1 oz loads from 1180 fps to 1345 fps. 1 1/8 loads from1145 fps tp 1255fps.
Current production Green Dot burns about as clean as any other powder in a similar burn rate. Nice attribute of Green Dot is in most barrels it maintains good core density at hdcp. yardage. Also, GD is readily available at attractive per pound and per load pricing. Lyle
If you have the extra coin, the PB or 7625 really is wonderful on ounce and an eighth loads.
I use Clays or Clay Dot. Both burn clean.
Another vote for International Clays. Regards, Ed
Good luck getting any Clay's. I couldn't find any so, I purchased some Clay Dot. I hope it is just as good. It was cheaper. Both have similar reloading parameters.
Another vote for asking you what exactly your load is? Green Dot has been cleaned up a lot, but if you are using a load that is not close to maximum, it can still be dirty. It also doesn't tolerate cold weather very well so, is that a factor? If none of this fits, the other folks seem to have the remedy. Good luck.

Bob Falfa
7625 or PB
Howdy stokinpls,

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Sorry for being a wiseass.......I just couldn't help it.

Have a great day my friend................Smoke 'em all.

Use Gren Dot with Cheddite primers all the way down to 7/8 loads.Works fine,does get a little dirty at low end,but being I clean my gun after every shoot,what's itmatter if it's a little dirty now and then.

Doug H.(pa)
Have you looked at Solo 1000? PB is $165+ per 8 lbs

Gary Bryant
I feel blessed. A while back, I found a 12lb keg of PB for $180 and 2 5lb metal gas-like cans of PB for $65 each. To bad ist not $11.00 to $15.00 per pound, like what I found. I have paid $147 plus tax for 8lbs of PB at the Ohio State shoot.

Gary, remember price you'll forget, quality you won't.
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