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Trap, skeet, or sporting. I'd be interested in your observations. Thanks for any input.

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I am currently shooting one.
Picked it up new in October for sporting clays. It is the sporting version with 30" barrels and the B-Fast adj stock.
Previous gun that took me from D class to Masters is a Beretta 686E sporting with factory Memory system adj stock. (Very similar to a 682 Gold E)

My observations:
Fit and finish is very good, on par with most Beretta target guns.
692 weighs a little more, but doesn't feel like it.
The extra weight is in the middle, between the hands. The new barrel profile feels lighter and swings quick. Very "lively" gun.
Balance right at the hinge pins from the factory, but you can adjust with the weights in the stock. Gun has a very natural point to it.

Triggers, while based on the 68* series guns, has almost zero creep. My 3 other 68* series guns all have some creep in the trigger. 692 triggers break very crisp. An improvement in my opinion. Trigger shoe adjustable for LOP. Blade is also a little wider.

Adj comb hardware - new design, much more robust than the previous plastic "memory system". New hardware aluminum with stainless posts. Looks like a Gracoil copy. Set and forget, should provide very reliable service. Lot of spacer washers included for adjusting, 2 thickness supplied, approx 10 of each came in the box.

New barrels - overbored "Optima" with 14 inch long forcing cones and new Optima HP chokes. Barrels are lively and swing quick. Shot patterns are very tight and have dense centers. This is probably due to the 14 inch forcing cones not deforming the shot. I was amazed at how tight the CYL choke is.
Last couple of clays tournaments, I shot CYL / IC the entire course and was getting excellent breaks out to 40 - 45 yrds.

Pattern board test showed both barrels were regualted well with POI spot on.(Bench rest)
16 yrd tests with the CYL and IC chokes confirmed very tight patterns with hot centers.

Recoil - Personally I cannot tell a differnce from my old Beretta shooting 1oz loads at 1250 FPS. Feels the same in both even though the long forcing cones are reported to reduce recoil.

New forearm iron is actually alloy and designed to wear with a spring loaded auto adjuster. Seems ok, action is staying tight. Getting the forearm off for break down takes some effort, very tight with the stiff tension spring.

Rubber coated action lever is well done. Some might not like the style, but I'm going to like it during the summer months, no slipping with sweaty hands.

Overall I am liking the 692 for sporting clays. I am seeing good results and am adapting to it quickly. I am able to get on targets much quicker than with my previous gun. It swings better and has a more natural pointability to it.
Only have approx 2K rounds through it, but I think it's a keeper.

In my opinion, the 692 is a very capable evolution to the 682 Gold E Sporting. No dramatic redesign, but a lot of improvents. Still feels very much like other 68* series Beretta's but with better dynamics.

Of course the dynamics of the new 692 will appeal to certain shooters, and be disliked by others. Personal thing depending on your shooting style. If you like a heavy gun with slower swinging barrels, this one is not for you.

The 692 Skeet just came out and is now hitting the stores.
Same as the sporting model, but has a low parallel stock with adj comb and a differnt forearm. Might be worth taking a look at.

Hope this helps,
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