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Does anyone on here hunt crows this time of year in the off season?
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Just went today. Hard walking in the deep snow (SE WI). Had some flying around but couldn't get them to come in.

used to years back,lots of fun! breast them out,marinade in teriyaki,and grill,
nice red meat like duck. joseph
We have a season on them here in Oregon. The season usally runs with duck season. can't remember if they put a limit on them or not. I know some guys used to eat them. Jeff
Sheeesh,I thought they were federally protected.Maybe that was just in Pa.,I know when I use to hunt my father was peeved cause the government started protecting them.They use to have huge crow hunts in Pa.,,then they stopped.maybe someone can clarfy that for me,there's so many around now I'd love to pop a few.

Doug H. (pa)
In Pennsylvania, for some reason I've never grasped, crows can only be hunted on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays - they are our only legal Sunday hunting species. When my in-laws had their farms, we would leave our Saturday groundhog kills lay and come back on Sunday to shoot at the crows feeding on them.

Used to years ago here in southern Md.,it's a lot of fun because they are smart.Once you fire from one place you might as well move a couple of miles away, they won't come back to the same place twice.
Yea, I do, out the window of my office. Makes a great blind when they land on the power lines going beside the house. I get 'em with a Beeman 177 pellet gun. I could care less on whether they're in season or not - I just blow them away!
Ed, you should have ate the groundhogs and left the crows lay. I bet their crow brothers wouldn't have a problem cannabalizing their buddies.
Groundhogs are tasty, I am not sure I would want to eat a crow, but what the hey, a chicken will eat anything a crow would eat and probably more. You are right about them being fun to shoot.
The F,S & Sunday hunts in PA are a lot of fun, and offer great sport in the winter months; but there are many things to learn. Lots of info on the internet and we're learning more every trip. The electronic calls and decoys are a great help, and effective camo is a must. We take Ralph the blow up Great Horned Owl and lash him to a fence post with decoys scattered, and us very well hidden. Lesson one: don't shoot the scouts. There are lots of crows here along the Mason Dixon line and we're doing our part to stop the spread of West Nile Virus, very civic minded, don't y'know ;-)

Speaking of decoys, two years ago my son and I set out for a mouring dove hunt on one of the local farms on which we hunt. We set out a spread of the inexpensive hollow rubber dove decoys that Bass Pro Shop sells and had just settled into our blind of downed trees when a hawk swooped down and grabbed one of the decoys. It dropped the decoy after flying with it for a few seconds but I guess those cheap decoys must look fairly realistic!

Crows are about the only thing we shoot. There is a season on them that can be extended due to crop depredation. We still have two orchards to shoot this season although it just ended. These orchards are running behind on harvesting and need to stop the crows from carrying off the profits.

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I use a crow call and it works.

Gary Bryant
Now that's what I'm talkin about! My buddy and I go every week end. Been doing it for years. No competition and great fun. The farms that we hunt prefer to let them lay because their family do a lot of trapping (brings in the fox & cotes). So far this year we have 399 but as I sit here I'm waiting, another hour and we'll be setting out the decoys and cranking up the FOX PRO FURY.
The reason for only hunting them on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays is to extend the season. In the federal migratory bird act pretty much everything is illegal to shoot. Then they made an exemption for crows. I think you can only hunt them 100 days a year and not during their mating season. Most states made in weekends only to stretch it out a bit. It Fri - Mon up here in NY.

Man are they smart! I have flocked decoys and a Fox Pro CS-24 Krakatoa. They'll come for miles but if you've done one thing wrong they know it.

I guess I've had to eat my share of crow over the years, maybe someday I'll learn to engage the brain before my mouth.
Yes ...... I have a Fox Pro caller with some crow calls in it that work really good. We do have a season on them here in Ohio ... I think the season comes in June some thing like that and we can only hunt Friday Saturday and Sunday. Myself I can't wait till the ground hogs to start poping out. I have farmers call me or ready asking if I going to show up this year.
I've heard old timers talking about sitting in a spot & shooting 500 shells in a day, I would have like to have done that. My crow hunting experience has always been, find some, get hidden, turn on the caller, shoot 3 times, then drive down the road, find another bunch & do it again.
Growing up we were always on the lookout. Had alot of shelterbelts we hunted. An hour from us were some famous roosts where the sun literally vanished when they were coming to roost. Still do some but nothing in comparison to 20 years ago. Learned to call on a mouth caller. I've got the electronics now but still seem to use the ole mouth piece. Maybe its the memories of times gone by thats most important...

Tomorrow is our last day of season till fall. Planning one more time. Finally found a buddy that enjoys the hunt too. All the ole timers seem to be gone and guess its not glamourous enough for the new breed.
I'm from PA. Me and my friends did a lot when the weren’t protected. Think I might start again. Have all the equipment.
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