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Anybody have a Blue Book of Air Guns????

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When my uncle died, his wife decided to keep an air pistol. Now, she has decided to sell it. It is a Walther model 53, Cal 4.5mm with about a 7 inch barrel. It breaks open to cock it and it shoots rather well. It is missing the back of the adjustable sight. I am looking for a range of $ since we are a ways apart. Is there a better place to check this out? I have looked on several auction site but have seen little like it. You may PM me if you would rather. I will try and get the camera charged and shoot some pictures of the gun. Thanks for any help. Omaha
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I know this probably doesn't help you a bit, but I was looking at this in a gun catalog the other day, and it had a list price of $250 in 1980~81.

For comparison, a Smith & Wesson K-17 .22 revolver was about the same, then.

For the right buyer, this could be valuable. I don't know if Beeman's is still buying things like this, but check there first. Then check Pilkington's ( something like that).

Don't rule out Walther collectors, too. This could fill a very nice gap in a collection, for one of those folks.
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