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Anybody have a Blue Book of Air Guns????

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When my uncle died, his wife decided to keep an air pistol. Now, she has decided to sell it. It is a Walther model 53, Cal 4.5mm with about a 7 inch barrel. It breaks open to cock it and it shoots rather well. It is missing the back of the adjustable sight. I am looking for a range of $ since we are a ways apart. Is there a better place to check this out? I have looked on several auction site but have seen little like it. You may PM me if you would rather. I will try and get the camera charged and shoot some pictures of the gun. Thanks for any help. Omaha
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This is from the Blue Book of Air Guns:
LP 53
- .177 cal., BBC, with SP system in grip, 9.45 in. rifled BBL, adj. sights with two sets of extra inserts, smooth blue (until circa SN 23,200) black crinkle enamel finish, brown or black plastic grips w/ Walther logo, wood cocking block, early versions with curved receiver back, later versions are straight, 40.6 oz. Mfg. 1952-83. Ref: AAG - Oct. 1991.
Grading 100% 95% 90% 80% 60% 40% 20%
N/A $350 $300 $225 $150 N/A N/A
Add 35% for fitted case, blue and gray inside.
Add 25% for fitted case, maroon inside.
Add 10% for original brown factory cardboard box.
Add 30% for original smooth blue finish.
Add 25% for straight back receiver.
Add 15% for barrel weight.
Subtract 5% for missing sight inserts.
Early versions of the fitted case are blue and gray inside; later versions are maroon.
This pistol was made famous by appearing in a James Bond poster.
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