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Any 1100 Classic Trap shooters out there?

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I'd be interested to know how many 1100 Classic Trap shooters there are, and what modifications, if any, have you made? Thanks.

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One afternoon at the Seattle Skeet and Trap Club maybe 1975, I borrowed the Club 1100 Trap Gun and won most of the meat shoots with it. Put it in my truck and told Ron Tree Club Manager that I would buy the Club a new gun but they were not getting that one back.

Only problem with it is the clip on shell catcher causes the operating handle to fall out, so I use a rubber band.

Still have it, still win my share of meat with it.

Recently bought a 3 in mag 1100 choked modified, A rib but no sight beads on it for $240 at a gunshow. Shoots fine, at our altitude 6900 feet a cylinder bore will break 16 Yd targets nicely.

I have owned two 20 Ga. 1100's they seem to have zero recoil with standard loads.

Take your 1100 apart and polish the rubbing surfaces with a fine stone.

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