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Not to be outdone by bigbore613 :), I thought I'd start another auction to benefit I was originally going to wait until his was over, but I was worried that with all the Christmas shopping it might not get many bids in the middle of December. Obviously the item I'm auctioning off isn't nearly as nice as what he offered, but I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try.

Up for auction is a 1940 second printing of "Hand Book of Shotgun Shooting". It is 100 pages long, and includes information on trap and skeet shooting, as well as numerous interesting period photographs, including one early photograph of the trap fields at Vandalia (which would look excellent framed).

Train222 sold the same book (albeit a first edition rather than a second edition) last week for $50, so I figure this one should be worth something as well.

Winning bidder to send payment to David, and I will forward the book to the winning bidder.

Lets call it 2 weeks span, auction to close @ 5pm EST on 12/1.
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