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Another Adventure With the Blaser

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Got my 32" barrel tubed, stuff arrived yesterday. Briley Ultimate Ultralites, straight rifling, (it works), long forcing cones, etc.

Got to shoot four rounds of Skeet today in pretty good weather. WOW! I am impressed with this gun every time I pick it up. Still nimble and handy, even with 32 5/8" tubes installed. Fabulous balance, lively, wants to go to the target.

Mostly Trapshooters here, but Skeet was my first love, shot it since 1958 (NSSA #45727). I am even more convinced this is the best gun I have ever had in my hands, and I have owned most all of them at one time or another.

Bob S., I am STILL waiting on my Blaser shirt and cap! LOL
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I took a very close look at this non-conventional design Blaser not long ago, almost everything on it is different from 95% of the O/Us we see today.

Unlike other shotgun with typical German (over engineering) design, or German modified (copy) shotguns, Blaser is unique and simple (by German standard). It's design is very logical and well executed with fewer parts.

Striker fired firing pins are straight inline with the cartridges, coil springs are confined inside it's tube housing, forend metal does not expose under the wood with simple push hook, etc. are all well thought of.

I've never shot one, but by taking it apart, and handling it, it has a pretty good feeling between hands. Time will tell how the market react to this fairly new shotgun (and it's unique rifle).
Yea Steve send him the shirt and hat already!
Shot my first registered ATA Dubs in over 4 years. Shot well enough to get 2nd place. I was shooting 3 feet in front of the second target for a while, which does not get the job done.

FINALLY, I remembered what I wanted to see and got with the program. I felt good when I got up this morning, (a good word from the Doctor helps do that) and wanted to see my trap shooting friends and spend time on the line with them.

The score was not important, the time spent on the line with good folks was.
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