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Ammo Shortage

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Just curious if anyone is finding any good deals on ammo. I have been watching gunbroker and might I say WOW!!! I seen some CCI blazer go for over 10.00 a box of 50 and the fool bought the case of 5000 for over a grand. What have you seen as I'm sure not very many "good deals" maybe just crazy reading. Good shooting, Trent
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Isn't there a ole saying, "A fool and his money are soon parted"!!

Ebay'ers aren't the brightest bulb out there!
I talked to the guy at my Walmart and he said that the nightly truck gets unloaded around 17:00-18:00 and IF any ammo is on the truck, it hits the shelf between 18:00-20:00 hrs. He also stated there are 10 or more customers waiting and the ammo literally does not hit the shelf. My walmart is getting only 15-20 of the Winchester 555 round or whatever boxes a week total, CCI is coming in a lot less frequently.
I have a box of 525 Remington 22 Long Rifle shells for sale, 1/4 box Blazer 525
Long Rifle shells for sale a box and 1/2 of another Brand for sale.
$40.00 for all of it.

Gary Bryant
This ammunition situation is getting desperate. This morning I lucked out and was able to buy several cases of ammo. On the way home I stopped at the gas station and a gorgeous young woman was filling up her car at the next pump.

She looked at the ammo in the back of my truck and said in a very seductive voice, "I'm a big believer in barter honey. Would you be interested in a trade of really good sex for some ammo?"

I thought it over for a few seconds and responded......"Well, possibly, just what kind of ammo do you have to trade?"
All of the Walmarts that I've been in here in NE Ohio have nothing on shelves other than some shotshells. My brother lives in Houston, TX and he has the same situation. This whole thing is nuts. Also, I received the monthly Midway flyer and nothing listed for any ammunition, bullets or AR15 parts.
Tim... LOL... that was good!

Captain... if you're talking .22s, have a buddy who was desperate and recently walked out of Gander Mountain in WI for $14/50... $14 after a coupon.

10 boxes and $140 + tax later... ouch... $14 bucks for all of it, earlier last year... told him he needs to ask around first...

Bought some 9s at $15 and thought I did pretty well, since there is very little near Chi-Town... shared the wealth with a couple Club buddies, figuring some good Karma will come back around...

It's a mess...

Yes what I did see sell for over 10.00/box of 50 was 22LR. Stuff should have sold for 1.89 or so.
I work at our local Walmart and last night we got in 30- 500 round tins of tulammo .223 selling for $154. Sold through about 6 of them by noon.
Planned ahead, over the years I have bought a couple of High Standard simi autos that shoot short only --- shorts still available at Wal Marts in the Reno area so Im sill out shooting my handguns. How about this -- went to the local gun show ammo dealers were out of .22s the first day even with limits --- I knew of a couple of guys that sold collector ammo and other collectables -- bought 3500 rounds of "not" so collectable 22 LR for less then the new ammo was selling for the day before, paid an average of $3.50 box or $35.00 per brick of 500 -- go figure.

Joe Winnicki
My WalMart this morning has fifty boxes of 9mm this morning in Federal and Winchester both. This past weekend they had .223 in limited quantities. The shotshells are numerous in brand and size and appear to be restocked regularly. Hang in there.....
I had a .22 rimfire long rifle hollow point turned in to me in the Principal's office. How much is it worth?

"I had a .22 rimfire long rifle hollow point turned in to me in the Principal's office. How much is it worth?"

.03 cents
Thanks for the reply.

FS--- .22 lRHP cartridge .03 plus shipping.

Watch out for the 525 shell Winchester bricks. About 1/3 of the last brick I bought were duds.
i scored 4 flats of remington gun club 20 ga at graf and sons in mexico mo today. their 60 miles from the house. i got them for $60.00 ea. ill go pick up in the morning. bass pro and cabelas here by the house doesnt have squat on the shelves.
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