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American Select??

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Hey guys, I am switching powder for my 1 and 1-1/8 ounce loads from Green Dot to American Select. Not because I want to, American Select is all I can get right now, and at a very low price.

Looks like the data for each load is very simular to Green Dot with the components I'll be using.

Anybody use American Select, and what do you think about it? Thanks.

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Wayne, I use the following for BOTH 1 oz and 11/8oz loads in a Gold Medal hull:

Federal 209A Primer 19.2 Grains of American Select 7.5 Shot

12S3(clone) 1145 FPS

12SO(clone) 1180 FPS

I leave the same powder bushing in-place, change the shot bushing...good to go!
Wayneo- I switched to Select from Promo I will not go back to promo, it shoots softer and cleaner, I use STS and Nitro hulls, downrange wads 7/8's and 1oz,pink xxl and green drrt, 7/8's gets 18 grains, 1oz get 19 grains makes them at 1200fps and no poofers in cold weather, I switched because of a neck injury,but they shoot so well I am going to continue using this formula!
Am Select has higher pressures than Green Dot 8800 vs 10,200 for the same load in a STS Hull

But to each his own.

I have 1/2 keg of PROMO Left will use it up and then load 8 lbs of Red Dot I bought for less than Promo, then back to Promo.

Gary Bryant
I use it only occasionally, when the price is right. To me, it has a narrow range, a "sweet spot" where it works very well - outside of there it loses consistent performance. This is likely more influenced by my choice of components and velocities than anything else.

I prefer Red Dot for standard loadings, Green Dot for handicap, and Promo for inexpensive loads. Best of luck with it, GAP
Well I got my American Select. It's definitely bulkier than Green Dot. I'm dropping 19 grains in Nitro hulls with 1-1/16 ounce shot and Green Dusters, no problem. When I switch to new AA's I have to use the Blue Dusters to give me some room for the crimp.

They seem to shoot as soft as the Green Dot, and throw a very good pattern. As far a cleaner burning, I can't tell the difference.

Thanks for all your help, I will go back to Green Dot when I can get some. American Select is a good substitute so far.

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