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American select powder

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Original post backed out??? I also would like to hear opinions on Amer Select powder. I am just starting to reload again (PW with Hyd) and will be loading mostly new style Win AA hulls with the AA (clone) wads. Thanks, Marc
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Mark, I'm a big fan of Am Sel. It is super clean, meters well and performs beautifully. I mostly use it for my 1 1/8oz handicap loads in STS hulls. However, it works well for 1oz loads in warm weather, and amazingly well for Int trap loads in Gold Metal hulls. I also use it in 45ACP for bullseye loads.

Try some. You will like it.
It's the cleanest powder I use. It doesn't have nowhere near the recoil as something like Red Dot. I use it for 1 1/8 oz. in skeet matches with an 1100 and it's extremely clean. My favorite.
I load gun clubs, claybuster 8100-12 wad, win 209 primer, 17.3-18.3 grains, 1.0 oz shot- tried new AA once fired but crimps suck even with win wad and 1100-12s. . waiting for a downrange wad to see if they are better. clean burning. I just bought Clays and they work well with same components.

i use a mac 9000 and have tried every adjustment.

rich k
Rich, I'm not sure about the CB wads but with Win and the AA clones a different wad is suggested when going lighter than 1 1/8 oz of shot. Might fix the crimp. Thanks, Marc
just received the downrange tonight and did about a dozen- they are slightly shorter than the CB or Win wads and seemed to form a better crimp- they were suggested on another posting - they are bright red. thanks for the reply

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