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That's me on the bottom
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I was lucky to be on two 125/125 squads before, they both had one thing in common, fast and smooth shooters, no one shot out of the rhythm.
Toward the end of both 125s, it was intense, everyone was so focused on the target, you probably could've ask our names and no one would answer you.

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We have a couple rules at our state shoot.
1) If you get hung by the squad, you owe ice cream to the others.
2) If you are the only 25 on a box, everyone owes you a dollar.

We did have a 125 on the week. But I’m up about $16, even with paying the others, and our squad leader owes us 2 scoops at the grand.

I let squad mates off 3 times too with either first or last targets. Oops.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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