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Airline insurance for firearms?

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Does anyone know if there is airline insurance you can buy for lost luggage such as a firearm? At least if i have additional insurance my gun will arrive with me.
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Don't know about the Ins but I went to the Dollar by spirit airlines with my K-80 in a amricase brand new case----When I arrived the case looked like it went through WW11----And it had marked FRAGILE ALL OVER IT---I should have made claim but good thing it was in [email protected]
I bought airline insurance from southwest prior to adding extra insurance on my homeowners policy. Southwest pays $3500 on lost baggage (maximun). I bought an extra $1000 for $10. If round trip double it. After that I went to my ins agent and added the rider to cover all my gun stuff but you have to be careful to get the right coverage when traveling. Joe
You need a good insurance policy to cover things like this and I don't mean a rider to your homeowners policy. Check out Sportsman Ins. AGcy. in Ormond Beach Florida. They insure all my guns and they also insure most ranges and shooting facilities all over the country. Their rates are very reasonable and the service first rate.
RE: rider to your homeowners policy

You have to ask the right questions, such as firearms covered while traveling; i.e. flying, staying in motel, stolen off a gun rack....
Yep rider on my homeowners, not only that but sat down with my agent and he has pictures and a spreadsheet with all the equipemnt. Not only covers home but my 2nd home and travel as well. Sorry if you think I'm blowing smoke but it's a fact. Joe
Airlines are limited to $5k in baggage insurance. I always buy it because it puts the airline on notice that they will have to pay extra. Most,of the time it insures that I have to physically claim the gun from an agent and not have it go down the belt.

T is right the airlines limit the amount of extra ins. Also, I found that buying extra ins is a rare event in a ticket agents life and you usually have to wait around until they figure out how to do it! Joe
12ShotTwo, is right on. Extra insurance is available but finding a ticket agent who knows how to do it is going to take some time! You might want to save the paper work from the outgoing trip to show the ticket agent on the return flight how to do it.

I made the Vegas Mid-Winter shoot for a number of years. After the first couple trips I just took my cheap gun to save the hassle from buying insurance. Worked out okay, I've got all my wins and yardage with the cheap gun. And one year in Vegas I actually paid for airline and hotel with shoot winnings, shooting the cheap gun! LOL
Just bought insurance through Sportsmen Insurance Agency. Very reasonable price.
To cover an $8500 gun cost $106. Hope they don't loose my gun on the airlines to Tucson.
Would not be cheeper to ship and insure your gun to it's location via ups or USPS?
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