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@@@ After 5 Long Years DeVault is Back @@@

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After 5 years and not producing guns, we are back. Below is the first DeVault Single Barrel trap gun that will be delivered this week. New features and a gun we hope will last a life time. Same barrels as before same trigger with improvements and new rib system that is adjustable and interchangeable. Featuring the no stock bolt hole design and as always very pretty wood a standard that many have come to expect from us. 3 Briley extended Choke tubes .020 ~ .025 ~ ,030 constriction. The case has been provided by Boyd Safe Case that will be standard issue on all of our new guns. Hope that you like the new look and thank you for taking a look.

Dennis, Cindy & The Crew

Gun Air gun Wood Shotgun


Gun Trigger Shotgun Air gun Wood

No more tools just push the button and adjust the rib to your desired setting


Rib fits into holder no pins to stick out of the sides of the hanger

Green Grass Shotgun

Hardened insert lock if you wear it out it can be replaced

Green Grass Artificial turf Lawn

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Fabulous...And the Pricing for One Like Pictured Above...Please and Thank You
I assume that fencepost is std wood. What might the upgraded wood look like?! Tom Rhoads Just in case this went over some heads, I am kidding! Beautiful as usual Dennis!
Congratulations to you and the Crew. And Welcome Back!!!!

Congratulations and it's a piece of gunmaking art.
The price as you see it with stock fitting to you is $ 12,000.00. Yes Tom that is standard wood just so that you know.

Dennis DeVault

Do you guys ever plan to make a over/under for the doubles guys?
Or an O/U Sporting....that would be cool!!!!!!!!
Awesome ..Dennis! Beautiful piece of work!
to kenf,

Yes the over/under is on the way. The engineer that I am working is probably still mad at me as we have made major design changes over the last couple of weeks. This has caused the receiver and mono-block to all be redrawn and tested to be sure all is well and done correctly. We are working on this as fast as I can and I promise that no one wants this to happen more than me. Soon I hope is all I can say for now. Thank you,

Dennis Devault
Great looking "Pea Shooter"! Glad you got everything sorted and are back in production.

Regards to Cindy and the staff,

Beautiful gun, I like the rib adjustment
Great Dennis,

Do you happen to have a good divorce lawyer that you know of? Agreed, a sporting version would be awesome.
That, my friend, is one awsome shotgun. Absolutely gorgeous wood. Jackie B.
Very easy on the eyes and hard on targets!! Beautiful gun Dennis, well done!

very nice monoblock design. i like the neck down to the barrel. i doubt if that would split with any kind of is nicely nice. thnks howard ps i like the lug lock that is thinking outside the box.
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