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Adjustable comb for rifle?

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I have a Laminated Stock for a Savage rifle that I am thinking about having a 4 way adjustable comb cut into it. Who would you reccomend?
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Any one who does shotgun combs should be able to do a rifle.
Yeah thats why im asking on a shotgun forum...... Who does them that you would reccommend? I want a quality job.
Like this?

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Rod's Custom Gunstocks.
I had a local guy put comb hardware on my laminated stock 12BVSS Savage. It worked fine.
I got a shorter set of rings mounted on it tonight. I will try it over the weekend, if they are still to high, Im going to send it to Tron.
You won't be sorry..Joes work is first rate and his service and turnaround second to nobody
I'd recommend Larry Garroutte. He posts on here also. High2 I think is his handle. is his website
Tron's the go to guy! Besides, he's a trolling perfectionist as well as wood n metals.

I can't remember the brand name, but there is a plastic comb that fits over your stock and is held in place by two 1/4" bolts that go through the stock.
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