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adjustable chokes

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Has any one ever done any serious paterning wiyh adjustable chokes? How do they perform compared to fixed chokes or tubes?
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Some years back Shot Gun Sports Mag did some tests with a polychoke and they worked darn good.
I must have got a a bad one because mine was nothing to wright home about. Not that impressed to say the least.
No shotgun, or shooter, should have the embarrassment of an adjustable wiener on the end of the barrel.
I have been using a True glow adjustable choke in a Beretta 303 it is very slim not fat like a Poly choke more like a Kicks or Pure Gold style on the gun it is invisible when shooting and I love it. Instant selection I bore gaged it and marked it for 8=12=16=20 th just a little twist and shoot. I patterns great it works it is all in your head shot a round and made me a believer never took it out.
I have a Lyman collet choke that can go on my Cutts compensator, and it flat out smokes birds, even on loose settings.

Got a polychoke on a Win M50 barrel that works good too.

Most of these chokes have to be taken apart and cleaned occasionally because residue gets between the fingers of the collet.
I had one and it broke when I put it on its tightest setting.
pakk, Had you ever cleaned it prior to it breaking. I'm not being a smart ass,

I'm asking for a reason. Also how come at 70 plus I have to use a damn

dictionary to spell any word more then 4 letters long and sometimes less! Ken U
I never got a chance to clean it. It broke the first time I took it out to shoot sporting clays. I don't think I even got half way through the course.
Thanks Pakk, I am just getting one and more information on them the better. Only

trouble is -like money in the bank (if I had any) what damn bank did I put it in.

de memory bank ain't so damn good all the time. TGIF helps, Toes go in First. Ken U
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