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AA Tracker shells available as yer?

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Wondering if these are in the stores as yet.

Anyone know a place to buy them. Looked at Cabelas and Bass Pro. Did not see anything in the ammo section
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If you find some, Jack, get a couple of boxes for Ron and me, please. We can't wait to test them with our high-speed cameras to see if the (lightly) weighted wad really can report the shot-location as the yardage and target-flight angles increase.

Test 1. Skeet from post 4.

Test 2. 16-yard trap.

Test 3. Handicap trap.

I watched the promotional videos and couldn't see a thing. That makes me wonder why they don't present a video which you can make heads or tails of . .

A generally-reliable gun-writer has assured us on the friendliest site that high-speed videos have been taken and they support WW's claims. Ron and I will wait and see.

It should be a fun and easy test and we too have been looking everywhere for the shells and nothing doing for us either, so far.

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