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A new trap range in MN

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This week the Polk county commissioners voted on and approved our conditional use permit. The board commented that they had not received a single negative comment about granting the permit, so after 4 long years of hard work our gun range construction can begin when weather permits.
A local family donated 30 acres of land to be used specifically for a trapshooting, rifle and handgun range. The Walter Ranz memorial shooting park near Fertile mn will consist of 3 trap fields, a 400 yard rifle range and a pistol range. We have a high school trap team that started in 2019 with 35 to 40 team members, we were invited to shoot at the red lake falls range until we were able to complete construction. The 20 mile drive to the gracious neighboring town was not a big deal, we just needed more days to shoot. With the current political climate we feel very blessed to be able to construct a new range. I will post an updates thru the construction process and when the 1st clay is thrown.
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Congrats on the new range, wish it was closer to me.........

We went to the Minnesota State Sporting Clays Championship last August, in Marshall. We were impressed how well the farms are maintained. The people were great. We had a very good time. It is a long haul from central Oklahoma to there, so I don't know if we will go back. I certainly don't regret going.


U should of stopped by and said Hi, my shop is in Marshall ........Shooters has a nice facility......
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Ain鈥檛 nothin out that way but sugar beets, tundra, conifers, skeeters and
Paul Bunyan.
Trap range should not be a problem.
Then again it鈥檚 Minnysoda.
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