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A little Wenig eye candy. Added wife's gun as well

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Had Wenig fit me and make a stock for my gun. I think it turned out pretty nice. Looks better in person than the pictures show though.

Edited to add wife's gun as well.

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Very nice wood but if it was mine it would not leave the house until it was checkered. Checkering adds to the appearance and is functional, uncheckered finished wood can be very slippery when wet! A recent post by Taxidermy showed a K80 with a checkering pattern that would really compliment your wood.
That is very nice. It is hard to make wood like that, look bad. Although from what I can see the wood fits to the iron very well.

As stated above, now get some checkering and carving like TS name, Taxidermy had shown, and put it over the top. At least checkering anyway.

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Very nice piece of wood. But like stated above, it needs checkering to finish it off. Not only for looks but in the heat of the summer it becomes very slick without it.
Very nice! Not everyone will agree on the need for checkering, no checkering on my stock either, don't want any.
I did not (and even after shooting it I still don't) want any checkering on the gun. I did not want to hide any of the wood under some checkering. To me checkering doesn't add to the appearance on high quality wood; in fact it only hides the grain in very nice wood. To each their own though. I don't know how many times I have seen VERY nice looking wood and said to myself I wish I could see what was hidden under the checkering. That is a lot of the reason I did not have mine checkered.

To me it is no more slippery than any other gun; checkering or not.

Handlepuller; yes it is a Guerini.
Who chose that awful concave recoil pad for the gun? Does whomever shoots it have a raised tumor on their shoulder?

I along with Wenig did and it fits very well. There are a 'few' people who think Wenig does a good job of fitting people!!

Now go piss in someone else's thread.

By the way I have seen your 'book' and it is worthless!! There now I have offended you so we are even huh!
I hate to burst your bubble but your wife's wood makes your wood look average. Don't get me wrong, yours is nice but hers is real nice.
Hers has more contrast; mine has more figure. Pretty much tomato/tomoto. To each their own.

I had my choice of either piece of wood. I liked mine better and she liked hers better; so we each got what we wanted are very happy with the job Wenig did.
Both Stocks Look GREAT, WHO cares if it has Checkering It's his DAMN Gun !!!!!!!!!!!!! JMO Joe joe90t
Joe90t; while you are right about it being my gun; it doesn't bother me some people think I need checkering. Goes back to that tomato/tomoto thing; to each their own. I like it the way it is and my wife obviously likes checkering since her gun has it.

Thanks for the compliment on the stocks.
I also like the best of both worlds, great wood and checkering to make the wood stand out. If checkering is done properly you can see the grain in the checkering. I also feel the same about gun metal, I like engraving on guns that is tastefull. I understand some like no checkering and others do like it. you have to understand he is the one paying for it. Wenig are as good as it gets also, they have cut blanks for me for 15 years. Your stocks that you chose the wood for is the best choice. IMO thanks Ronnie
Taxidermy; I have seen your posts and you do outstanding work!!
There is no doubt that is beautiful wood. I agree that checkering does inhibit the look of the depth in the grain. I also believe that checkering, while it does have its function, it also is just more artwork added to a really nice piece of art.

Like you say it looks very nice the way it is, and what you like is what matters. Guns are like paint color, and wallcoverings. LOL
Wow, your wife's is beautiful too.

I've never shot a gun without checkering before.
To each his own regarding checkering. However, most of the (very few) people I've heard say they prefer not to have it say so because they think it "hides the figure."

I submit that GOOD checkering on GOOD wood is virtually invisible from 15 feet away.
Beautiful guns. Thanks for sharing. The only people they have to please is you and your wife.
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