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The following comment was made by ‘visible chip' on a recent thread.

“As a blue collar, middle class guy, I used to be part of a huge demographic of the Democratic party. The demographic that keeps the day-to-day things running for the country and pays for nearly everything. What has put me off the most is the Dems still wanting me to pay for everything for them while they mock me, call me names, and blame me for every imagined problem in our society.”

With absolutely no disrespect to visible chip, part of his comment is prefaced with a “common sense” misconception.

National Taxpayers Union - Who Pays Income Taxes?

The misconception is that middle class taxpayers “pay for nearly everything”. It’s a misconception shared by many if not, most people. Here’s the reality. If middle class is defined to include everyone below the top 25%, they paid LESS THAN 14% of 2014’s total federal income taxes. Change middle class to include everyone under the top 10% and they still paid less than 30%. The heavy lifting is done by "rich" people.

Another common belief is that rich people pay little, if any, income taxes because they “write everything off”. The reality is that every category of upper income people (top 1%, top 5%, top 10%, etc.) pay higher tax RATES on their adjusted gross income (AGI) than do lower income categories. The higher the income category, the higher the tax rate.

Here's another website that provides a greater level of detail. It covers tax year 2013...

Summary of the Latest Federal Income Tax Data, 2015 Update

Draw your own conclusions boys and girls but I’ll remind you that the numbers cited aren't opinions. They are direct from the IRS.

Now, a slight change of subject…

What follows is an opinion. It starts with a loosely paraphrased comment directed at dumbpuddle by hacker on another thread.

“You are so envious you can't stand it if someone has more than you.”

This statement perfectly describes the leftist do nothing, slacker class, “economic justice” demographic - aka the “gimme dat” coalition. Keep in mind the federal tax code is how Hillary and her ilk have for generations purchased the votes of the slacker class - free sh!t financed by others.

If you agree with leftists when they say, “rich people don’t pay their fair share”, ask yourself “how much above 87% (what they’re paying now) would be fair?

You’ll hear from the slacker class and their dem supporters if Trump addresses tax reform/relief. Keep in mind people that pay squat for taxes won’t have a burden from which to be relieved.

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