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Got this as an email from a friend. Interesting, but no one seems to give a crap....

SIMI VALLEY—“Hillary Clinton is a sociological pathological liar who will do whatever it takes for whatever reason as long as it benefits her,” said retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson, at the Simi Valley/Moorpark Republican Women Federated meeting at Sycamore Plaza. “Hillary is a very vindictive, evil profane woman.”
Patterson, the man who carried the “nuclear football”—the top secret briefcase containing the launch codes for America’s nuclear weapons—from 1996 to 1998 described life in the White House with Hillary and Bill to an audience of 50 individuals.
“I was by his (Bill Clinton’s) side 24/7 for two years, up to his impeachment in 1998. I had an office and bedroom in the White House, and I accompanied the First Family at all times. I was responsible for the White House transportation agency as well as the nuclear football."

Retired USAF Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Paterson addressing Republican Women

Patterson described a few incidents with Hillary in the White House that began to change his apolitical stance: “I had the same security status as the President. I had amazing scrutiny and background checks done on me. I would take President Clinton to the most important (military) briefings. Hillary would get briefed also. She knew about classified information. What were the rules and how to classify information. So (later) when she had a private server and deleted 33,000 emails, she did so intentionally. She was playing the game. This angers me. If Hillary was a normal person, she would be in jail.”
Hillary never wanted to see people in the hallways of the White House because she didn’t want to deal with the ‘niceties’ of greeting people. “I would see senior staffers diving into offices to avoid her glance. I wouldn’t play this game but would walk through the hallways proudly. She wanted to eliminate Air Force and military uniforms. She wanted to minimize all signs of the military in the White House. She wanted us all in business suits and sunglasses. Hillary still doesn’t like the military to this day. She disdains the military. They both do."
"My biggest challenge was to coordinate Air Force 1 and Marine 1 and all the transportation when the President travelled. Each city the President visits requires 500 White House staffers and 1,000 staffers to overseas cities."
"We were in Mexico City leaving our hotel on Marine 1 going to Air Force 1, and Hillary forgets her sun glasses; and she wants those glasses and is yelling for us to turn around. I incurred her wrath when we didn’t turn around."
"Donald Trump has a profane mouth, and I won’t defend what he has said. But Hillary is 10 times worse. I will be voting for Donald."
Patterson described another incident where President Clinton and the First Lady were fighting in a motorcade going to a fundraiser. “You should have heard all the vulgarities spoken by Hillary on the elevator. But by the time the elevator door opened, they were holding hands and smiling and waving."
"This is who they are. I never saw an intimate moment in the White House. They never held hands. They never kissed. This (marriage) is an arrangement."
Patterson described how President Clinton lost the nuclear codes—The most important document in the history of mankind. For a season, we went without the ability to respond to a nuclear attack.
Patterson says he holds President Clinton accountable for 9-11. "We knew from as far back as May 1996 that Osama bin Laden had a plot to hijack airplanes and fly them into the World Trade Center. We had eight chances to capture or kill Bin Laden but we never chose to do so."
"One time we had CIA assets and Delta Forces outside Bin Laden’s compound, and the phone calls came in -- but President Clinton wouldn’t answer the phone. He was too busy. He never pulled the trigger."
"I remember flying to a castle in Denmark and having to apologize to a Danish aide for Clinton staffers stealing china and crystal from the rooms. I was the ugly American who had to apologize for the young staffers in the White House who were immature."
After Patterson left the military, he wrote (2003) the New York Times bestseller “Dereliction of Duty: The eyewitness account of how Bill Clinton compromised America's National Security."

“Dereliction of Duty”, a New York Times bestseller for six months, has a forward written by Al Santoli, a U.S. Army combat veteran and an Appendix written by Caspar Weinberger, former Secretary of Defense, as well as a chronology of President Clinton’s foreign policy from 1993-2001.
“I got out of the military 15 years ago when I saw the military evolve into a social engineering politically correct (not a war-fighting machine) and a political support factory for politicians. The Pentagon has turned into a social engineering project that does not serve us.”
Other books written by Patterson include: “Reckless Disregard: How liberal Demorats undercut our military, endanger our soldiers and jeopardize our security (2004) and “Conduct Unbecoming: How Barack Obama is destroying the military and endangering our security” (2010).
Lieutenant Colonel Patterson served under four U.S. presidents. He rose up through the ranks during the revitalization of our military’s strength during the Reagan presidency. His tours of duty include service in Grenada, Rwanda, Haiti, the Persian Gulf, and Bosnia. He also served as a cadet group commander at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Upon leaving the Oval Office, President Clinton awarded Patterson the Defense Superior Service Medal.
“I support Donald Trump. Hillary is evil and we can’t afford eight years of her after eight years of President Barack Obama. The Clintons have a political machine that is very impressive. They circle the wagons and push back on any and every scandal. They are brilliant in terms of their effectiveness to do so.”
“The Clintons get such a free pass from mainstream media. Hillary’s mouth is much fouler than Bill’s, but I’ve watched Bill make advances to women almost every day."
“I am a Christian and a ‘No’ vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Bill Clinton is not a leader. He listens to the loudest voices in the room and is beholden to special interest groups.
George Soros controls Hillary Clinton. It’s all about cash and power. When Hillary was around, it was like a Nazi meeting -- but when she was not around, it was like a frat party.”
Retired USAF Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Paterson


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Interesting. I am not surprised.
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