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Hello, this is for my organization, Clays For A Cure. We are looking for a barrel for a Remington 870 with the following requirements:
- 26 " or 28"
- ability to accept RemChokes
- prefer matte finish to match the existing receiver
- magazine end nut & any chokes thrown in would be nice
- $60 or under shipped or donate (in return, your donation is tax-deductible, you will be featured as a sponsor on our website-with a link to your website if you're a business, & send you a couple barrel/car decals)

The reason we are looking for one is that we recently had a Remington 870 Police Magnum with 18" barrel & factory mag extention donated to us. The barrel extension/spring are already spoken for so a trade is not in the equation, sorry. We're looking to convert this to a gun so that it can be used for trap/skeet for our youth shooting programs. Yes, I know there are plenty on eBay, etc but we have a budget to stay within. As you know, we operate soley on donations from private individuals, corporate sponsors, & even some members that have been generous!

I've even tried our local gun shops & the response I get is "people are always looking for the shorter 18"-20" barrels to convert them to home defense shotguns so that's all we stock, check eBay" & of course my response is..."well send them my way if that 26" or 28" barrel is going to just sit in the closet!" No luck yet lol.

Pic added for attention.

Thank you & Happy Shooting!
-Larry, Founder
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