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686 or replace forearm?

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I got a deal (I think so) locally on a 686 Essential (12 ga 26" bbls).

Overall good shape, but some minor dings in the buttstock, a few small spots of rust (was sitting for a while in the back of his closet per the seller) but it locks up nice and tight..

The only major thing is the forearm. On the Left upper side where it meets the receiver, there is a 1 1/4" x 1/4" triangle of wood that chipped off (you can actually see into the mechanism below it). On the Right upper side, there is a much smaller triangle (1/4" x 1/16") in the same spot. On the bottom of the forearm, there is a linear crack...running right up the middle, from the receiver, past one screw and ending at the lever to remove the forearm. That appears to have lacquer in it. None of these affect the function.

I'm trying to decide if I want to repair it, or try to find a replacement...which would be more cost effective? How much does a 686 forearm run? Any idea of what a repair (professionally) might run? I'm sure it will work fine forever the way it is now, but it "bothers" me...since it is a nice shotgun overall, I want it to look a little nicer...

I intend to use the shotgun...last time I was here posting, I picked up a Beretta A302 (30" fixed 12ga.), and got great help. Since then, I got a (Walmart Special) used A390 and a Beretta 1200...went from no shotguns about 6 months ago to 4 of them....but, when I find a deal (and have the $$), I figured I'd add to the collection...

Thanks again for any help!!

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Thanks for the heads up. What is a "good" price on a reasonable shape forearm? I saw one listed on a parts site and it was $175 for new, but that is the only benchmark I have seen.

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