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.45 ACP Reloaders - CAUTION

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Found a live round left on the range bench of Federal .45 acp ammunition yesterday. This new round has a small pistol primer in it. It should be noted that I had another Federal .45 acp for comparison purposes. Both cartridges are identical in markings; i.e., indicating "Federal 45 Auto" on the base. A few years back I bought 2k of once fired empties in .45 acp of which I discovered some Winchester NT (Non-toxic) empties which also utilized a small pistol primer. What is alarming about this is during the reloading cycle if you attempt to force a large pistol primer into a small pistol primer pocket you risk a detonation. Many reloaders use a progressive high speed press and should be cautioned about these small primer .45 acp's getting mixed in with the standard cases.
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Not to knock your warning, but they have been doing this for years now. This is nothing new. You should always inspect and sort your brass before reloading with any type loader whether it be progressive or single stage.
I have a bag the small pistol primer stuff goes into. Someday when I get a thousand rounds or so , I will load it up.

I am not abouut to start mixing large and small at the same time. What a nightmare. I have been tempted to just sell off the 300 or so small pistol primed cases but with the primer shortage i haven't since I have small pistol primers.
I SEE NOTHING.... If you look you will see the crimp. oz
It is a good warning even though it has been happening for a while. A couple years ago a lot of people did not want the small primer brass. Now that primers are tough to get, it is noce having the option to use whichever you have. No problems as long as you keep them sorted.
I have not measured the primer pockets of each size. My question, Can you ream the small pockets out to accept the large primers?
I only have large pistol primers at present.
Kind of pointless to try and find small pistol primers right now.
Or, should I just sort the small pocket 45s and wait until I can get the right primers?
No problem? There is if you have an older accurized pistol with an off center pin hit.

Welding the lugs moved the barrel up and changed where the firing pin hits.

I dont like them especially since they aren't indicated on the pachaging.

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