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For Sale: Robert Louis Company BoreMaster Shotgun Multi-Bore Gauge
Measures all the inside dimensions of your shotgun:

1. BORE -- .410 through 4 gauge and rifle barrels .405 and larger accurately in thousands

2. CHOKE -- fixed or screw-in. Measures screw-in chokes in or out of the gun

3. CHAMBER -- Chamber dimensions -- Chamber length -- Forcing cone dimensions and RIFLE CHAMBERS with diameter dimensions of .400" and up.

More information, specifications, and video of use at:
This set includes the optional Barrel Wall Thickness Kit, as well as a .410 calibration ring and an extra battery. Also included is instructional DVD, carrying case, and all factory paperwork.

Retail for this set would be $319 plus shipping.
This one is yours for $195 shipped.

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