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375 H&H

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100 once fired 375 H&H casing shipped to lower 48 for $68.00
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My favorite all around big game cartridge just made 100 year mark in 2012.

According to it's creator Holland & Holland, it still is the most popular caliber and represents over 50% of H & H current magazine rifle's production.
World's best, world class medium bore. Flat enough to be useful, stout enough to stop anything with good placement.
I have never shot a 375 H&H. I hear lots of talk on using it for African plains game, bear, and elk. How is the recoil of a 375?
375 H&H rifles generally weight between 9.5~11 lbs without the scope, it's not something you want to fired 60~80 rounds a day at the range even your ammo are free.

If you ever fired a 7 lb 30-06, you'll recognize the similar kick from a 9.5 lb 375 H&H.

The best thing about 375 H&H is, it shoots relatively similar POI between light 235 & mid-heavy 270 gr. bullets.
Ever since I was in high school I wanted a Ruger No. 1 Tropical in .375 H&H.

Something else always came along when I had the funds.
Shooting one of those is like setting off a good stiff 1 1/2oz. Only sharper in my experiance. About 5 a day and your done. BYG
.375 H&H is made for men, Just as the .450 Marlin or .458 Winchester. You will know when they go off.
Recoil is a pussy cat comaired to the 458 Lott. Which is the largest caliber I've ever fired without a muzzle break. I'd have to decide weather that buff or elephant was going to just wound me or kill me before I'd shoot it again. Lol
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