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3 hole targets thrown in Australia

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I just recieved a PM from an Aussie shooter telling me they shoot 3 hole Targets in Australia, that says a lot about them and their ability.

I admire Australia for staying with the 3 hole target, Great Guys from Down Under Go Get-Em.

Gary Bryant
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Count me in for $1.97.

jim brown
It's a BIG deal. It ranks right up there with honorary yardage.
Hey Matt;

How's the weather in Sparta?

My guess is that they were referring to "Down the Line" which is as close to ATA trap as anything shot overseas. 45 degrees total spread between target extremes and a little faster birds, at least according to the referenced website:
i am from australia ... what the hell are 3 hole targets??
Sheeter1956,a figment of Longshots imagination. They no longer exist. Jake
I guess longshot has total recall of all things imaginary. I dont think the aussies would want him But.... I will donate 2.00 for his move there

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They must be shot with 1200 fps shells.
Dont the clays spin in the opposite direction down there since it is in the southern hemisphere?
They are 22.5 degrees each sise of centre thrown over 46 meters, and most shot double barrell. We used to shoot 45 degrees each side of centre over 50 yards until some Pansys decided we should follow you guys, I was told the other day that you guys are now in to 17.5 degrees either side of centre, perhaps someone will invent a trap that will be in sync with the shooters position on the layout and you will soon be shooting straight aways of every lane

Argus Tuft
I'll chip in $5 for that "one way" plane ticket. Let my good buddy Release Trigger from Sydney deal with him for awhile. :)
Argus, these pansies over here are trying to get straight aways to be the only
legal target.. If you miss the first shot then you get to walk up on it while the bird is lying on the ground and take the 2nd shot. You better make it good cause 2 shots is all you will get. That is till some start to miss to many 2nd shots then the rules will change for a 3rd shot. Bill
Probably DTL. Here in South Africa we shoot 2-hole for ATA and 3-hole for DTL.

And they're REALLY 2 hole and 3 hole because we shoot over LaPorte's and old Winchesters, so they really have a turntable with holes in them.

Its really not that much more difficult. The DTL targets are a few mph faster.
So that's why the Australians clean house at the Grand every year!

Also, donating to the fund, while noble, is a waste. Australia has the internet too.

Bob Falfa
It's easier in Australia, the birds rotate in the other direction. :0
That's right Bill, and the closer to the equator they are the faster they spin.

Not only that, they shoot them upside down!
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