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Selling my Silver pigeon 5 to finance something newer to me ;) . Excellent condition/98%. There are a couple handling marks in the wood. They're difficult to pick out but if your particular... you'll see them. (pictured). Cast off for right handed shooters.

Receiver case hardening at 98%. No dings or scratches to the metal (receiver/barrels) except where assembling/action (Pictured)
Can't say there's more than 500 rounds through it. Lots of pics... no surprises.
2x skeet chokes 1 x IM 1 x M

Factory case is a bit tatty. It was used for a while to carry a different gun and it shows.
Shipped from FFL to FFL or face to face in Eastern PA.
3 day no fire inspection. Return ship at buyers expense.
Pm any questions or john at sayashi dot com.

$2875.00 shipped

Small scratch... top center of pic

You have to zoom to see this one
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