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22yd handicap approach

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Do you lead more than at 16 or change anything?

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If you're using 1 oz loads at 16 I'd change to ounce'n'an'eighth for 22, other than that don't change a thing.
Shoot a good 3 dram factory load and change nothing else!!
Shoot your 22 yardage the same as the 16's. The only thing that changed for me was the bird looked a little smaller.
First of all...thank you for starting a thread that actually has something to do with trap shooting!

Secondly, since I am trying to get to the 22, I will just read the responses rather than spewing an opinion1 Maybe I will learn something! Martinpicker
I don't know what your shooting for loads? 980 fps to 1250 fps ?
A lot of shooters refer to short yardages as "modified singles" but I certainly didn't find it that easy on my way back. I got to the 23 and was stuck there for three years before taking Phil Kiner's clinic the first time - then I went to the 27 in less than 10 shoots.

I appreciate whay anyone would ask a question like Dave's.

Shoot a little faster. The targets are a little father. The wall is the 25. So, you've got a way to go.
I never added lead I justshott a bit faster and my hold point was about 6 inches higher. But that's just me
Learning the mental discipline necessary to shoot good singles scores will also help you shoot better handicap scores!

The game of handicap shooting does change at the 23/25 yard line, depending on your ability to make the proper bird/bead connections. That alone determines how fast or slow you should attempt the shot on singles OR handicap shooting!! You can shoot only as fast as your personal comfort zone and accuracy pointing zone allows YOU!! Any attempt to speed up or even slow down won't work well for anyone over-all.

I've won 27 yard belt buckle awards with my 1 ounce loads even when the top dogs were there? Just a tad of food for thought.

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