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.22 or reload 9mm?

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I have purchased a Browning Hi-Power and am planning on shooting it just for fun. But I would like to shoot it enough to become proficient at it. Obviously the cost of ammo comes into play so my question is this. Would I be better off purchasing a .22 (Smith & Wesson M&P?) Which I know would enable me to shoot a lot of rounds or buy a press and reload. I know it would be a completely different gun than the Hi-Power but I'm looking to learn the basics and put a lot of shells through it. I'm not a pistol guy so would appreciate any info. Thanks. Mike.
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How about getting a .22 conversion unit from Ciener? Best of both worlds.

Shoot the 9mm when you want the full power pistol or swap the top end out and shoot .22s for low cost (and fun) practice.

The cost is less than a new pistol.
I agree with wolfram. Info at the above site.
Mike, I shot in a Bullseye pistol leauge for a long time. I know guys who bought the 22 kits for 45's. They worked great but they didn't replicate the recoil of the 45.

I am not a big high power guy in the first place so dropping money on a 250 dollar conversion would be a big NO for me. I would buy the extra gun.

As in all things... If you are going to shoot a whole bunch, you may as well buy a loader. Jeff
Kind of hard to find a new .22 pistol for $250 or less that will outshoot the Ceiner and do it without using an FFL or paying the background check fees.

BTW the Browning HiPower is an all time great pistol. May not be a pocket rocket or a wonder 9 but it is solid, reliable and accurate. Hard to beat as a recreational shooter.
Have you tried to find quality 22 rounds lately ? I used to shoot every weekend, a brick of wolf match target ammo @ 54 a brick.

Now I can't find any and if I do it has doubled in price.
Have you tried to find 9mm lately or the components to reload them?
I shoot and carry a Glock 17 hi cap, bought an Advantage 22lr conversion and am not sorry I did ... The thing works great and I don't have to worry about another pistol laying around that won't be used ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
The beauty of the conversion is the trigger pull and grip is the same. Not two different guns.

I'd recommend the Ciener .22 conversion too. I've got one to fit my 1911 .45's.
The real benefit of a .22 handgun is that NORMALLY ammo is cheap and available. I like the fact that there is no hand-loading involved and you can still practice all the fundamentals of pistol shooting with little recoil. I have had many .22's in my life but now I own just one. A Smith & Wesson Model 41 is tough to beat for any out-of-the-box Target Grade Pistol. I absolutely love mine and will never trade it off. It's capable of putting 10 shots in the X-Ring at 50 feet all day long. I just wish I was that capable.
I own both a Cierner and a Marvel 22 Conversion kit. The Marvel is expensive but is superior in accuracy and reliability....well worth it to me.
I never have to worry about an extra handgun lying around !

22 for sure, their just plain fun to shoot and ammo cost is about cheap as you get. My favorites are a Ruger Hunter pistol and a Uberti Silver Boy lever rifle
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