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209 Primers or Other Sizes for Small Pistol Primers

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First and foremost, No, I am not interested in selling 209 primers at any price!

That said, I have 8,000 209 primers I am looking to trade for Small Pistol Primers.

5,000 Cheddite
3,000 Federal

Even up trades of1000 209‘s for 1000 Sm. Pistol primers.

Will also trade up to 3,000 CCI Large Rifle primers even up for 3,000 Small pistol primers.
Brand not an issue. Must be relatively current production.

Will trade 3,000 CCI small rifle primers for 3,000 small pistol primers

Will trade 3,000 CCI large Pistol primers for 3,000 small pistol primers

Will also trade up to 2 8# Jugs of Ramshot Competition for 5000 Small pistol primers per 8 pounder.

What do you have? Mix and match.

FTF only. I live in SE Michigan in the Howell/Brighton area. PM me if interested.