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.204 Ruger ammo for sale soon

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Fellow shooters:

I will probably be selling about 22 or 23 boxes of new Hornady 40 grain .204 Ruger VTX ammo.

I finally got to range test my RRA .204 Ruger Varmint, and it seems to like the 32 grain bullets better. Too bad, because I have a ton of the 40 gr. stuff.

Anyway, the point of this message is to test the interest level here before I go off to some other website to advertise it. Nothing's going to happen for the next 7 days in any case. But let me know if you have some interest in the stuff!
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Depending on price and locality I would be, my 204 likes the 40 gr. hornady's
Thanks, guys. My range test was conducted on a "less than ideal" day. In fact, it was downright lousy.

I'll probably fling a few more rounds downrange, but I doubt another range test will produce different results. I'd be interested in the experiences of other .204 shooters. Mine is a 24" stainless bull barreled AR with a 1:12 twist (which from everything I've read is not optimal for spinning up the heavier bullets). I picked up some 24 gr. NTX Hornady's to try later as well.

Anyway, I'll come up with a price next week. But A quick check of my price for 20 of those boxes shows that Cabela's shipped it to me for $419.93, or $21 per box, shipped.

(Local retail prices are just under $23 + tax.)

I'm not looking to make a penny off of this stuff. And I'd like to lose as few pennies as possible as well!
Update: Considering the possible hassle/cost of selling the ammo, I've bought another .204 Ruger that may like the 40 grain ammo better than my other one.

Hopefully I'll have the chance to range test the new one with the 40 grain ammo in another 10 days or so. If the new gun likes the ammo, I'll keep it. If not, I'll post it here with a price.
Yep, that is the same way I would do it, and if the 2nd 204 doesn't like the 40 grainers, you could have a custom build put together especially for the 40 grain bullets, there is no need to sell perfectly good bullets. Jim.
One in 12 twist.204s rifles shoot the lighter bullets better as a rule. My Remington 700 Varmint did as did those of my friends'. Believe Shilen still makes a faster twist barrel if you decide to go that route.
The new rifle will have a 1:10 twist, which should be happy with the 40 grainers. I'm a bit of a precision rifle neophyte, so I admittedly have lots to learn. Some of the 1:12 twist barrels (specifically Remington 700 and Savage) reportedly are quite happy with the 40 grain bullets. Go figure.

I'm also given to understand that the 35 gr. Berger and 39 gr. Sierra Blitzkings make most 1:12 barrels happy.

So I'm on an adventure of discovery that will undoubtedly lead me on ANOTHER adventure of discovery - reloading .204 Ruger bullets!
My AR didn't like the 40 grainers much. I loaded some 35g Bergers and shot off the sand bags at 100 yards a group that measures .167" ..........not bad.


If I EVER shoot a .167 group of anything at 100 yards, I'll probably sell all of my rifles. I can't imagine improving on that!!!
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