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2021 Canadian Trapshooting Championships(Swift Current, SK)

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This past weekend August 6-8, 2021 my wife and I attended the Canadian Trapshooting Championships at the Swift Current Trap Club in Swift Current, SK.
Our Canadian Championships underwent major changes due to covid from being completely cancelled for 2020 to being changed from a single venue to be hosted in Edmonton, AB for 2021 to being a phonetic satellite shoot being hosted by multiple clubs in various provinces across Canada much like the Zone shoots with scores being compiled and results tabulated by CTA delegates by phone and computer with shoot-offs being held across the country in differing time zones if required. It was a daunting task but they got the job done very smoothly and quickly with little confusion for a first of it's kind program.
It was the first time in all my years shooting that I shot a complete program of all targets. This years shoot was reduced from the usual 1000 target program to 700 targets over 3 days.
Attendance was great given the gathering and travel restrictions some provinces were facing with 412 entries for the 400 HAA Championship Targets on Saturday and Sunday. It was my second time participating in a Canadian Championship shoot, the first being in Brandon, MB in 2015 and I managed to earn myself a 5th place trophy after ties with 3 other shooters spanning 3 different provinces. At the end of the first round of shoot-offs I had secured the 5th place trophy and received my first handicap "punch", 1/2 yard since the 100th Grand in 1999.
Here are a few pics from Swift Current this past weekend. There were 33 shooters attended the Championship Days and with Fridays shoots about 40 shooters attended overall for the three days.
The shooting is only the second best part of the shoot when you shoot with the crew from SK. They know how to have fun and make the shoot a great social event. Saturday night we had what they call their annual Saskatchewan Soiree. Shooters and their families gathered after the shoot to celebrate the events and coming together again in the spirit of friendly competition with appetizers and beverages followed up with a pot luck supper with each shooter and their family bringing something to the table. It was nothing short of fantastic and after dinner a group of us gathered at a fellow shooters camper and sat around telling jokes, swapping stories of past shoots and other adventures. When it was dark my wife and I finally packed it in and headed back to our motel room to get some sleep for the final two events the following day. When the shooting was finished and the dust and smoke settled we packed the car with guns and gear, said our goodbyes, left a donation with the shoot cashier for my shoot-off targets, left a tip for the trap help and headed home. We are already looking forward to next years' Canadian Championships.
A complete list of this years winners can be seen by clicking the link below...

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The Swift Current trap club is a great place to shoot, great group of guys and if you get a chance to shoot there you'll have a great time. I'm sorry I missed this shoot.
You are correct, I shot in Swift Current twice this summer, great place to shoot and great people, I try to shoot there once every year at their regular shoot but this year they hosted the Saskatchewan provincials and the satellite Canadians so I made 2 trips. The bonus for me is I have a sister that lives there so I have my suite in the basement and get to visit family in the evenings after shooting which just makes the trip even better. 😁

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We knocked one heck of a dent in it on Saturday night, and pretty much finished the job Sunday at lunch time 🤣 😂😜
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