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It's that time of year again everyone! It's time for Clays For A Cure's annual fundraiser! We kick off our annual fundraiser during November of each year because it is Diabetes Awareness Month & go to the end of the year.

Unfortunately we did not meet our goal last year so we weren't able to sponsor many events. We raise money during this fundraiser each year to be able to put on shooting events throughout the country that being awareness to diabetes as well as young hunter safety education.

This non-profit organization was started in 2013 after the passing of my Father due to complications of Type 1 diabetes. His Father (my Grandpa) also died (in 1987) also passed from similar complications. This year's fundraiser is especially very near & dear to my heart as just this past year after many different diagnoses, I was finally confirmed as Type 1 Diabetic myself.

Over the past year, we've received numerous merchandise donations from generous individuals & businesses. Some items will be used as prizes, some for silent auction items, some repurposed for youth shooters, & some sold to raise money for the organization. We literally have boxes upon boxes of items, though never enough; this fundraiser, we're especially asking for monetary support. Any of you that have ever organized an event of any kind know it costs a lot of money to do. Travel expenses, website renewal fees, & food at the events are our biggest expenses. All of our events are run by volunteers; nobody is ever paid, including myself.

So I ask of you all this holiday season to please be generous in your giving & know that your money goes for a good cause. As a token of our appreciation, everyone who donates (in addition to the sponsorship levels mentioned on our website) this year will receive an official "" decal.

Below are the links to make your donation (either PayPal-which we encourage because they take less of a "cut" or GoFundMe). Be sure to include your address in the comments section for your free decal! If you'd like to be mailed a tax-deductible receipt, please indicate this in the comments section as well.



Click here to support Clays For A Cure 2016-17 Campaign by Larry R. Leemon

If you have new or gently used sport shooting equipment or old trophies you'd like to donate, please email us at: [email protected] for our mailing address.

Thank you all & may you have a safe & happy holiday season this year.
Warmest Regards,
Larry Leemon, Founder
Clays For A Cure
Clays for a Cure | Facebook
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