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We celebrated our honeymoon at this shoot and now that we're going to be celebrating our five year anniversary, I think another trip is in order!

Calamity & Coach
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Hawaii's gun laws are as bad as New York's. Mahalo -----
2015 shoot will be held Feb.13th-16th, 2015

Plan now and don't be a miss out kind of shooter....

Reg. Todd, East Sooke, BC
I see My "Shootin Buddie" Ron Stubbing was back in form in Hawaii. What he may not admit is he is an accomplished skeet shooter and can shot a respectable round of Sporting too. Here is a pic of our team at the World Police and Fire Games last August in Belfast. (Ron is in the middle)On of those medals around his neck is the HAA Silver. In the games you have to shoot trap, skeet and sporting to win that. Boy did we have fun.
Joe O
Thanks for the pic Joe and your right on a great shooter but what I am having trouble with is why I go all that way and spend all that money to shoot against the best shooter in British Columbia with the idea that I can beat him....LOL

Reg. Todd, ES, BC
I met Ron at the WPFgames in New York in 2010, I was drafted onto the team for the Sporting event. That team won Gold and we had such a good time we put it together again for the games in Belfast. The team concept is sort of unique to the games and it adds a real element of fun since you get teams for different countries, etc. We have a talented group who enjoys shooting together which I think contibutes to our success. The only event we did not medal in as a team was sporting where we lost a medal in a shoot-off. Ron may have a small ***** in his armour, ask him about DTL with "international" targets. And ask him if he got the Remmington repaired. His Skeet gun broke in practice and he had to shoot his doubles K-gun, he medaled anyway! The measure of a quality shooter is how they handle a little adversity, to that end Ron proved he isn't just great trapshooter he is a great teammate!
Joe O
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The 2015 Hawaii State shoot will be held Feb. 13 - Feb. 16, I will be there and would like to challenge all those who have said they were going in previous years and were NO SHOWS, you snooze, you lose....

Reg. T., BC
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